Jun 16, 2016

Both our kids attend(ed) Berwick Buddies and we are so thankful for what a great preschool it is. The school is comfortable, well kept, well equipped and in a safe neighborhood. The teacher / owner and her staff are hands-on, fully interactive and on a mission to prepare the kids for kindergarten / pre-kindergarten, develop their social skills and work on individual classmates’ unique needs to be on par with their class. They make it look easy because the kids have a great time but the intellectual, artistic, social and linguistic results speak volumes about the school’s interest in lifelong, positive impacts on kids’ futures. Our daughter is bright and respectful but was shy upon enrolling. Instead of boring her with inattention and “not worrying” about her, the staff embraced her passions, inspired her to speak up and share her interests, to keep pursuing them; to understand that this is what “being cool” really means. Our son is a ball of energy and a bit behind on language. I expected him to come home expelled on the first day of school, then the second, then maybe in a week; until he stopped crying about going, started forming sentences, starting playing with other kids in a respectful manner and taking his first steps toward being a good guy. The challenge isn’t over but the results exceed our expectations. Amidst the staff’s interest in the kids, they run a tight ship focused on the positive social benefits of orderly operation. If a kid has needs beyond the school's program and diligent efforts don’t resolve issues that might impede class development, the student will be unable to continue there. Aside from the staff’s experience and tolerance, the other unique benefit of this school is class size. I don’t see how other preschool’s can compete since their larger classes render it impossible to match the attention Berwick students receive at a great rate. An hour of total time spent per day settling a large class down is another hour a Berwick Buddy spends learning how to make friends, be creative, communicate, perform for their class, understand the importance of listening, take pride in themselves, etc. Our criteria considering preschools is a program where intelligent teachers deliver enriched experiences - devoid of trendy, mysterious, avant-garde flavors of conceptual education I won't invest years in to see whether it worked on my guinea pig. Berwick Buddies is a solid, real-world preschool.

Google business review by Ryan Thompson